Barn Hunt Basics:
Start with an Instinct Test at a local Clinic or Trial to see if Rover has an interest in sniffing out the rat. Seriously, your Schnauzer will LOVE it. Each Trial level offers an AKC & UKC recognized title. Complete Barn Hunt details may be found at where you can also get Rover’s official Barn Hunt Registration # online to compete in Trials. Or, drop Mason an email w/any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call at 805-451-6601.

Sat. Nov4-Barn Hunt Clinic: 10 AM to 4 PM; Barn Hunt Practice: 1 PM to 4 OM

Sat-Sun, Nov 18 - Nov. 19: Barn Hunt Trials; 2 days, 4 trials - closing date, Nov 9th. Reminder, Barn Hunt entries are mail only - print the online form and mail to Silver Rose Ranch, 2954 English Road, Chino Hills, CA  91709

Trials Schedule - Nov 18 and 19

The start times for the classes on SAT 11/18 are as follows:

Trial 1 - Instinct/Novice/Open will start at 8:00 AM - Ring 1

Trial 1 - Senior/Master will start at 8:15 AM - Ring 2

Trial 2 - Instinct/Novice/Open will start at approx. 1 PM - Ring 1

Trial 2 - Master/Senior will start at approx. 1 PM - Ring 2

Sunday Nov. 19: Class Times will run the same as Sat. (Note: Carzy 8's will be run at the end of the day - $30/entry and $15 goes to the jackpot)